Dougherty Valley High School
Yearbook 2019-2020

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Layout Examples for 1/8 Page Senior Ads

Below are example layouts for 1/8 page senior ads. Your ad may vary, but these example ads should give you some perception of the general look and feel of the ads this year. If you see a style that suits you, let us know and we can try to model your ad after the one you like. Do keep in mind that some images are oriented vertically and some horizontally. We can crop an image, but we can't easily fit an image of one orientation into a compartment with the other orientation without cutting off some of the image.

While the yearbook staff has tried to provide sufficient layout examples, you may wish for some variation. For example, you may wish to insert one more or one less image in a layout. The yearbook staff will try to accommodate your wishes whenever possible. There is a place in the Google form where you can communicate your requests. You can also contact the yearbook staff directly at if you have questions or specific requests.

If you have old photographs that are prints and you do not have the ability to scan them in at high resolution (at least 300 dpi), you can sign up for an appointment using the Google Form on the Senior Ads page, or you can contact the yearbook staff at and arrange to come in after school one afternoon and have them scanned.

Often times parents come in having written a wonderful, but very long message to put in their ad. Please use the sample ads as a guide for roughly the amount of text that will fit in the allocated space. The yearbook staff can make some adjustments, but try to keep your text copy appropriate for the space allocated, or understand that there will be less room for your images if the text is too long. Prior to submitting your text via the Google form or via email to Mr. Silverman, please be sure to proofread it carefully. Once it is submitted to the printer, it cannot be changed.

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Eighth Page Ad A

Eighth Page Ad Version: 1/8-A

Eighth Page Ad B

Eighth Page Ad Version: 1/8-B

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